How to Prepare

How to prepare for your Paramedical Exam

As part of your application process a brief medical report lasting approximately 30 minutes of your time will be schedule by one of our paramedical examiners at the most convenient time available. Al information obtained during your exam is strictly confidential.

Consisting of

  • Medical history
  • Blood and urine sample
  • Measurements of your height, weight, blood pressure
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG) in some cases

To obtain the best possible results, please adhere to the following guidelines

  • Relax at least one hour before the exam
  • If under blood pressure medication, please take medication as directed by your physician with WATER ONLY
  • Do not smoke or engage in any type of exercise or physical activity two hours prior to your exam
  • For the best results refrain from eating six to eight hours prior to your exam
  • Please have plenty of water for easier provision of urine sample collection
  • Prepare all your doctor information including; Names, Address, and phone number

Our staff will do their best to make your exam as painless and simple as possible.